The Benefits Of Wheatgrass For Your Pets

It is common knowledge that wheatgrass is a natural power food for people, but did you know, it is also a highly beneficial food for your pets as well?

Wheatgrass is a natural detoxifier. Although dogs are carnivores, vegetables, fruits and berries have been powerful healing aids for wild dogs and wolfs for decades. Even today, domestic dogs and cats self medicate from grass and plants to soothe an irritated stomach.

Most domestic animals are fed prepackaged foods that sometimes contain preservatives, coloring and fillers. After eating these daily toxifiers, animals tend to try and heal any internal irritation by going back the natural power foods. They can be found nibbling on grass and plants to help detoxify their system. By combining the use of natural, high-protein dog foods and adding wheatgrass to their diet, you can help keep their system regular and prevent internal irritation and irregularity before it happens.

The reason we call wheatgrass a true POWER food, is it’s limitless healing power in dogs and cats. Wheatgrass has been proven to heal animals of cancer, clear up skin problems, help along fertility, rid pets of tape worms and has strong anti-aging effects.

Listen to this touching story about how the power of wheatgrass not only healing this dog, but saved his life.

“I am a longtime breeder of Shetland sheep dogs and Irish Wolfhounds. Since the 1969, I have kept 20-25 adult dogs in my kennel. In case you don’t know it, cancer is the major cause of death for the Irish Wolfhound. But for both these breeds, when they get sick, it is either cancer or liver problems, or problems with the kidneys, skin, or bones. All their illnesses fall under these categories. And in a kennel, you must be especially vigilant because diseases can spread quickly.

We got started feeding the dogs wheatgrass because of my wife. Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1972. In fact, the doctor booked her for surgery within a week of the office visit. She had a grayish appearance and a deep seated level of fatigue. We accepted the accuracy of the diagnosis, but we immediately started looking at alternative therapies. We got the book “How I Conquered Cancer Naturally” by Edie Mae Hunsberger and were inspired by the Ann Wigmore program. We decided to cancel the surgery and try wheatgrass juice therapy. We grew the wheatgrass ourselves and Janice drank about six ounces per day, every day. After about nine months of continuous wheatgrass juice, the lumps in the breast disappeared. The oncologist gave her a clean bill of health. He didn’t ask any questions and he even forgot that she had cancelled the surgery!”


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